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Below are mindmaps of seashore project ideas overseen by  A.L.L. Foundation


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  Seashore – Access for All

The Benefits:

•    Access – the main reason
•    Health improvement
•    Encourages Seashore business opportunities
•    Stimulates creativity
•    Empowerment
•    Become more environmentally aware
•    and more...

The Steering Group for the “Seashore – Access for All” project will be drawn from:

•    Seashore involved organisations
•    Disabled people and disabled organisations
•    Health and Safety advisors
•    Environmental/Conservation and Educational groups
•    Local Government
•    Local Community and Businesses
•    Other interested parties with expertise

The aim of the “Seashore – Access for All” project:

•    To get increased access to the seashore for everyone


The objectives of the “Seashore – Access for All” project are:

•    Set up a Steering group
•    Do research and feasibility studies
•    Draft Proposals and assess cost and time frames
•    Apply for funding
•    Implement Proposals
•    Encourage feedback
•    Revise Project/s if necessary
•    Set up further projects




Let's Talk Toilets, Community and Tourism


Toilets are a necessity not a luxury.  We all need to empty our bodily liquids and solids whther doing it directly or via a bag.

It would be lovely to do this in a pleasant, healthy and mostly of all a FREE environment.

So let's start with an idea for a non paying, community building, tourist encouraging public toilets for the Seashore.


Community Owned Seashore Toilets

Purpose Built

- Simple, eco friendly,easy to build and maintain.
- Proper sinks, with soap and towels.
- With a basic shower unit and changing rooms.
- Disable friendly
- Powered by combo efficient energy methods.



- Maintained by local businesses and volunteers.
- Equipped by donations from individuals and locla organisations/businesses.
- Fully manned by local volunteers.
- Financed by tip jars and local funding initiatives.



In the toilets have:

- Tourist information.
- Noticebooard with with useful local contact numbers, health warnings, tide times, quality of seawater and other useful information.
- Display of local artwork.
- Suggestion box.


Steering Group

- Made up of local volunteers and businesses to set up the toilets, monitor and run them, and revise them from feedback received.



- Free and pleasant toilet environment
- Encourages community spirit and tourism





Seashore Community Toilet
Seashore Community Toilet
Seashore - Access For All
Seashore - Access For All
Seashore Open Air Theatre
Seashore Open Air Theatre
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